Definitely the most bike friendly city in the world!!!

7 09 2012

Davis, CA is, after all, the best city in the world! 

I will post more on this later tonight, but for now, check out:



YOLO bus

10 08 2012


Friendliest Bike City in the US?

10 08 2012

Today, we rode into Davis, California. This city has the reputation of being extremely bike friendly, and this was evident as we rode in. The bike lines were plentiful miles out of the city, and I felt extraordinarily safe on this ride. The ride was easy, only 56 miles, and flat– something that I love! Once I got into the city, I took a mini nap and then headed downtown to the bike museum. After the museum we went to a few bike stores, and I got a burger because I was starving. I locked my bike up with two other riders’ bikes, and we went off to explore. On our walk back to our bikes, we discussed the prospect of bike stealing in Davis. Although the town was bike friendly and there were bikes EVERYWHERE, we predicted that skilled bike thieves probably lurked around. Little did we know, my bike was stolen. We got to the bikes, and I discovered that someone had cut the cable lock and took my bike. Thankfully, they left Brynne and Claire’s bikes. Three days left until Santa Cruz, and Tyler (my bike’s name) was STOLEN. I can’t believe it. Thankfully, I was with some of the best people possible. Brynne, Claire, Dena, and Walt promptly took control over the situation, asking stores if they had security cameras (they didn’t), figuring out how to file a police report, and riding around the city looking for my bike. I calmed down, and we filed a police report. My fingers are crossed, but I have low expectations. It’s funny; I know my bike is an inanimate object, but I feel like I lost a close friend. Tyler and I started together in the Atlantic, and we have had our ups and downs. I wanted to dip that tire in the Pacific. Despite my sadness, I feel that I handled the situation well. Dena and Walt were great, searching for options for me to get a replacement bike. Initially, I planned on renting a bike in San Jose and vanning it the next two days. However, we found a bike collective, and I got a new bike! It’s a cruiser, and it will be extremely interesting riding it for long periods of time. I named it the “YOLO Bus” (we are in YOLO county, and for my older readers: YOLO is a new cultural trend standing for “You Only Live Once,” so it’s been a bit of a joke). I still feel sad about Tyler, but I am glad that all it was was a theft. There is much worse that could have happened. Also, the kindness of all my fellow riders was really emphasized to me today. When I finally returned to the host, everyone greeted me with hug. Britt bought me a coke. Dena bought me other drinks. Everyone was quite supportive quick to help. I’m really grateful to be surrounded by such lovely people, and I know I am going to miss them immensely after the next few days. In the meantime, we have a long day tomorrow, and i need some sleep. Wish me luck with the YOLO Bus tomorrow– it shall be interesting.

Santa Cruz here I come!

8 08 2012


Finally… Signs of life!

At the top of 2/3 mountain passes of the day with Brynnie!

8 08 2012



8 08 2012


Idaho: Land of Potatoes

26 07 2012

Unlike the lies perpetuated by the media that Oklahoma is flat, Idaho does actually have a bounty of potatoes. I have already seen quite a few potato farms. A lot has happened since the last time I updated, so I will try to fill you in on some highlights!

One of the coolest events was our last night in Utah. We had the opportunity to go to a rodeo! More significantly, some of our riders actually entered the wild horse race in the rodeo. And won. They had never done it before, but they beat the locals! It was hilarious to watch. Basically, they had a rope connected to a horse. They had to wrestle the horse to the ground, and then one of them had to get on the horse and ride it. While only one of our two teams was successful, both teams outlasted the third! It was pretty impressive. I love how everyone in this group has such a positive attitude about life and trying new experiences. Sadly (or perhaps thankfully), I am allergic to horses so I could not enter the competition myself.

Recently, we crossed in Idaho, We only have two state lines after this. It’s pretty crazy to think about. The fact that I am riding my bike across the country has not really hit me yet. I tend to just take one day at a time– doing anything more than that can be a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure if it will ever really hit me what I’ve done. Perhaps when I reach the Pacific Ocean! It’s just all a bit much to think about.

Our rides in Idaho have been pretty nice. It’s been hot, but there have been rolling hills, and we have been able to go at a pretty good pace. Tonight we are staying somewhere we have not stayed previously: a house! It is really awesome. Words can hardly describe how comforting it is to be in a house for once. It’s interesting to think about in regards to our mission of affordable housing. We talk a lot about how our trip can be compared to homelessness; although we know we will have somewhere to stay each night, which puts us at an advantage, not knowing the specifics and constantly moving is still stressful. The comfort of being in an actual home has proven this idea to me even more. A home just has a lot more conveniences than a lot of the places we have stayed, and it is really nice. I’m sure it will be difficult to leave tomorrow.

This is all I can really think about for now, so I will leave you all with some pictures!


Matt and I at this random free hipster concert in Provo.


Some riders and I chilling on hay. This was one of my favorite rides of the summer! I’m the one closest to the front.


This rocket display was in the middle of nowhere. It was a nice place to stop and take a break!


These riders were pretending we were back in Spearman, TX. Our ride got a lot worse after this… I blame our reenactment.


Elayna and I at the Idaho state sign!


Just chilling with an alpaca outside a store at lunch.


As you may know, I LOVE snow cones. This one was the perfect ending to a hot ride! 🙂


I can ride my bike with no handlebars. And only one glove. Sadly, I lost one in the midst of laundry– hopefully it shows up. Riding without one has been painful.


I have befriended dogs all across the country. This one was particularly cute. It was not happy to see us go.

Well, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading. Love and miss you all! Also, thanks to everyone who has sent me mail recently. I really appreciate it! 🙂